#1"Mini - Goldendoodles" ," Goldendoodle", " Mini Goldendoodles ".

Scarlet and Victor  Petite Goldendoodles

She is such a great mom !
These puppies will be 20-28lbs and about 14-16 inches tall.
I'm sure that they will have great personalities as both parent dogs !
With wonderful size and personalities these goldendoodles will
make wonderful family pets for any home!
They will have wonderful Non-Shedding coats,both in wavy and wavy /curly varieties.
These puppies will go home mid July
Being born on May 17th


$2400.00 + Hst



#1 Female
Dark Gold with white markings
Wavy /Curly coat!

#2 Female
Gold with white chin
Wavy/Curly Coat


#1 Male


Wavy/Curly coat

#2 Male
Red /white
Wavy coat

#3 Male
Red with white markings
Wavy/Curly coat

#4 Male
Wavy/ Curly coat
He is Small
He is Sold
#5 Male
Gold /White
Wavy/Curly coat

#6 Male
Gold /White
Wavy/Curly coat

#7 Male
Gold with white markings
Wavy/Curly coat
He is small

#8 Male
Wavy/Curly coat
He is a special baby 
when mommy was giving birth
she was a bit over whelmed 
and while cleaning him off 
took a bit too much.
But he will make a wonderful
family pet !

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